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Payroll Overview:
Pay Plus calculates all payroll checks, submits all reports and provides unlimited customer support. We can customize a unique schedule for your company and ensure the safest and most cost-effective payroll experience.  Take advantage of our discounted payroll services and experience since 1979.
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Payroll Services:
- Fully Electronic Payroll:  We electronically deposit wages for each of your employees. We prepare all tax deposits and remit them electronically to IRS, EDD, and WIC. We file all quarterly and annually W-2, W-3 and 1099 year-end filed and submit them electronically. Workers compensation calculations prepared and mailed.

- Partially Electronic Payroll:  We accurately calculate your employee's checks, signature ready, and mail them to you to simply sign and hand out. We prepare all forms, Tax deposits, coupons, and checks for you to mail.  Workers compensation calculations prepared and mailed.

- Transmittal Information:  Our 24 hour update availability for payroll ensures timely reports and accurate results.  Relieve yourself and let Pay Plus process your payroll for you. 


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